Primordial Voice Adventure

With Lada and Mary

June 5-11, 2017 in Sedona, Arizona

Attain Practical Liberation through Primordial Voice Practice!

Sedona, Arizona

What is Primordial Voice?

Primordial Voice is a divine pulsating essence; it originates and resides in the heart of every human being.

The purpose of Primordial Voice Practice is to reawaken, reconnect and tap into this deepest dimension within ourselves, to meet your true authentic self, to recognize the power of your heart, the power of life itself.

Anchoring the Presence of Higher Self through Primordial Voice Practice.

A very powerful technique when the sacred vibrational codes unique to your own Spirit and Soul are toned in a particular manner so that the Higher Self can recognize the vibration and become energetically able to connect to your earthly presence and anchor into your body.

The result is:  EMPOWERMENT:  freedom, intuitive guidance, highest potential path, true purpose for life.

If your path brought you to this program most probably you are ready for your next step!

Although there is a designed program, it may be a subject to change depending on the guidance from  Spirit, which is always aware of what is the highest best for this particular group!

As we ground with Mother Nature, connecting our mind, body and spirit with the wisdom of the earth, spending time in silence, play and community. Nourishing our true Self and clearing what no longer serves.

Be prepared to let go of what was never you and feel, see and hear your true Self create your next invitation of living a remarkable life.

What's included

We will be living & gathering in 2 beautiful private homes joined by 1.5 acres of pristine Sedona land backed into Sacred Thunder Mountain. Hot tubs under the stars and beautiful wild life visiting us every day! Address will be released/emailed with your committment. Rooms & bathrooms will be shared.

Here are the links for our listing of the Homes we will be sharing:
The Tranquil House
The Zen House

  • All Goumet meals prepared with Love (except for 2 lunches and Final Dinner)
  • Daily Primordial Voice Practice Sessions
  • Daily Life Changing Vortex Hikes led by Mary (Mel)
  • Plenty of time to rest, visit town, play and site see
  • One on One coaching session w/ Mary (Mel)
  • A Sacred Sweat lodge to sweat our prayers and to integrate our Primordial Voice & Vortex Hiking Journey together w/ Rahelio (suggested donation of $30.00)

*Others will choose to stay at a lovely hotel close to the private homes for more privacy.
Southwest Inn of Sedona:
Days Inn of Sedona:
Enchantment Resort:

If you choose to stay in a hotel Please make your reservation ASAP to receive the best rates and guarantee your room.

What to bring
  • An open heart
  • Hiking shoes or good running shoes
  • Sunscreen and/or hat
  • Swimsuit
  • Warm clothing for the evening
  • A Journal
  • loose comfortable clothes for movement
  • A lovely casual nice outfit for our Celebration Dinner

Arrive in Sedona for a Special Welcoming dinner to be served at 8:00pm on Monday June 5th
Depart from our Journey Sunday June 11 @ 12:00 noon

how to get to sedona

Flight into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Shuttle to Sedona
or Rent a Car

**** Everyone will not need a car and it is best for us to share. Mary will help coordinate this.
When you have your flight information please email to me.

Exchange fee’s
  1. Full Primordial Voice Sedona Adventure, staying in the Group Homes: $1,800
  2. Commuters Package including everything else except housing: $1,400
  3. 2 Primordial Voice Beginner Sessions only (Tuesday and Wednesday) $50 each session
  4. Primordial Voice Sessions Only: (Tuesday – Saturday) $500

Space is limited in the homes to 15 people. First come first served basis. Couples requesting private rooms inquire by calling/email Mary:

Payments to be made either by check made out to Mary E Finnerty
By PayPal account email address:

When Entering in your PayPal payment please select: FRIENDS/FAMILY so neither of us incur a charge.

Please feel free to call or email Mary Finnerty with all questions:

****All Payments and Enrollments are final and non-refundable though may be transfered to friends or family

About Lada

Lada is available, by appointment, for her private, profound healing sessions.
Specializing in:

• Woman’s Health and wellbeing

• Hormal Imbalances, Menopause, PMS, fibroids, ovarian cysts, irregular menses, etc.

• Face life and rejuvenation – a secret kept for centuries, powerful and effective.

• Pain relief and management – muscular – skeletal disorders, arthritis, headaches, etc.

• Disorders of the nervous system, stress management, and emotional instability

• Weight loss

SHAMANIC ACUPUNCTURE – is a combination of two powerful disciplines – oriental medicine and shamanic sound healing practice, providing quick and fundamental change and in a patients aura, effectively removing the energy blocks, obstructions and stagnations, restoring the smooth flow of Qi (energy) and blood circulation.  The Healing starts on a deep level affecting different levels of existence.

Please be aware that it does not matter what kind of a problem is manifested, as soon as equilibrium is restored the body will activate its inborn self-healing system and eliminate any disorder.

Call (516) 313-1637 to schedule your appointment

Office address: 80 5th Ave, New York, NY (between 13 & 14 Sts)

Please feel free to Call/Email Mary with all questions:
(310) 710-8081

Suggested donation $25 or cash at the door, No one refused!

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